Walmart Grant – Please vote for Grand Rapids Michigan!!!

Walmart Facebook Grant Application – Please vote for Grand Rapids Michigan!!!

Dear Friend,

Please go to The Grand Rapids “Fighting Hunger” Community page by Walmart, and click on the “like” (“thumbs up”) icon to vote, just once, for the Grand Rapids-Wyoming Area to become the recipients of $1,000,000 to feed the hungry in this wonderful town. Forward this message to everyone you know to get out the vote before December 31, 2010. Current members or those who join Facebook on the spot can cast a vote.

You don’t have to live in Grand Rapids, Michigan or even know where this town is located, but we need your help. Walmart is offering Grand Rapids food bank $1,000,000, yes one million dollars.

If you belong to Facebook (it’s free & easy to join), please take this opportunity to let everyone know how simple it is to help the hungry. Our local organization is very active in church food pantries; offering produce and other perishables through their mobile pantry; providing local school children, living below the poverty level, (over 2,000 in November) with a balanced dinner; and many more programs. More children are eligible for sack dinners, but the funding isn’t available.

“As volunteers we come together to distribute nourishing food through the food bank. Let’s come together to help pay for that food. Please go to Walmart’s Grand Rapids “Fighting Hunger” Community page, and click on the “like” or “thumbs-up” icon to vote (only once) to feed the hungry in West Michigan. Please vote before December 31, 2010. We are very close to receiving this most generous gift, but we need your vote and the vote of every Facebook relative and friend you have. Please forward this urgent message and post it on your Facebook page, and also share with people on email. Please, spend a few minutes these weeks before New Years to ask everyone you know to vote for a most basic need of our citizens. Thanks to all of you who embrace the true holiday spirit!” ~ Bobbe

The above message (except for a few modifications I made) was written by a friend, Bobbe Horton, who first told me about this.

So yes, please do me this big favor, and just click on “like” on the page. That’s all you need to do to support the community of Grand Rapids Michigan. You don’t have to live anywhere close to Grand Rapids to do this. You can live anywhere on the face of the earth; you can help as long as you’re on facebook (it’s free & easy to join:))!

This community is amazing, and I’m not just saying this because I live here ;). The people of Grand Rapids are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, the winters are extremely cold, and the economy has been hit badly – so many people have lost their jobs. Many people (including children, in the thousands) cannot afford to eat even just basic meals.

So please, do it now :)! — click on, and click on “like”, just once, to support this community. After you’ve done that, please share this info with others eg by clicking on the “Share/Save” link at the bottom of this page. Or copy and paste the url link and share with your friends. Or write a message of your own if you prefer, but please remember to include the walmart facebook link in your message so people can vote easily! But please be try to share this information with as many people as possible – remember, they don’t even have to know where Grand Rapids is to help!


Thanks for reading, Dear Friends – Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~

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