Christian Magnets (Any Christian Magnet Order – Custom, Personalized or Regular Order)

Christian Magnets: We currently have a collection of 15 Beautiful & Inspiring Christian Refrigerator Magnets. (Click to shop at the Jolly Store)

Please browse the Christian Magnets collection and purchase as few or as many magnets as you like.

You may order any combination you want and still qualify for deep discounts.

***Please Contact Us with any questions.***

Priority Design, Print, Package & Ship Services Available.

All Magnets Made in USA. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Thanks a lot for choosing to shop with us – We appreciate your business :)!
*Your order will ship in within 2 business days – We’ll send you an email once it ships.
*We pray you & your loved ones are blessed and inspired – now & always:)!
*Thank you again, God bless!

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