The Blessing of Family and Friends.

The Blessing of Family and Friends.
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A while ago, my family and I were visiting my parents. We were expecting one of my sisters along with her family to visit my parents that weekend as well.

We waited in anticipation, and we finally heard the knock on the door – they had arrived!

My little niece Christie ran in first – we were all so overjoyed to see her! She looked so so cute in her new hairstyle, with all the cute ribbons in her hair! My mom had gone upstairs to get something, so she didn’t immediately realize they had arrived. My dad quickly rushed upstairs to tell my mom– “They’re here! They’re here! And Christie’s hair is all made up! They’re here!”

My mom excitedly came down and we all enjoyed a wonderful time of love and fellowship with family. I still remember the pure joy on my dad’s face when he saw my little niece!

Why were we all so excited over my niece’s hair that day? LOVE! It made me think again about how blessed we are to enjoy the love of family and friends! The joy of fellowship with Family and Friends is a priceless and precious gift from God. Family, Love and Friendship all go hand in hand, and we do ourselves a great disservice if we take these priceless blessings for granted.

Thank you Lord for the deep love of family and friends you have blessed us with. And thank you Lord, for the deep love of Family and Friendship we have with Jesus!

Today’s Bible Verse is:
Hebrews 13:1, NIV Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.

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The Blessing Of Family & Friends Podcast/Audio Devotional


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