Testimony of God’s Healing Power: A Powerful Personal Testimony of God’s Healing Power.

Testimony of God’s Healing Power: A Powerful Personal Testimony of God’s Healing Power. Inspiring and Encouraging!

Dear Friends, I’d like to share with you a personal testimony of God healing a very close relation of mine. We pray this testimony is an encouragement & inspiration to you and all of yours. See also: Another Encouraging Testimony of God Healing!

Key Verse:
Mark 5:34, ESV And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.”

A Personal Testimony of God’s Healing Power.
Mama J, a very close relation of mine, had horrible knee pain. She was almost 70 years old, and was told she would definitely need knee replacement surgery in the near future – whenever the pain became unbearable for her.

Mama J kept her knees in supports (knee braces/bandages), but the pain was still very much present and even walking became difficult for her. Mama J is a member of the missions/outreach team at her church, and once a year, the entire team organizes a missions trip – an outreach program in a remote area.

This particular year, Mama J had planned on missing the trip since it coincided with her annual vacation. However, she felt impressed to cut her vacation time short and join the team on the trip. As she arrived at an outreach event one evening, some of the youth members helped her out of her vehicle, and she was in obvious pain as she walked to her seat. She finally made it to her seat, and she sat down, still in pain.

“Does anyone here need healing?” The minister asked the packed audience. “Put your hand on the part of your body that needs healing, and ask God to heal you.” Mama J put her hands on her knees and prayed: “I know nothing is impossible with you Lord – You can give me brand new knees!”

Mama J heard a voice saying very clearly: “Take off your bandages.” She opened her eyes and took off her knee supports. She was accustomed to having her legs feel very heavy, but they suddenly felt light! Amazingly, she found that she could do things she hadn’t dreamed of doing just a few minutes earlier! She could lift her legs easily, and she could walk around with absolutely no pain. She could kneel down and get up easily. Mama J was over the moon with excitement! She had been healed! See Also: Bible Verses about Being Healed; Bible Verses about about Healing the Sick

During her next medical check up, her doctor was dumbfounded. He said her knees reacted like that of a child’s! He could not reconcile the state of her knees with her age. He did not understand why her knees were suddenly pain free. Mama J chuckled to herself, knowing exactly what had happened. God had given her brand new knees, just like she prayed for! Praise the Lord!!!

Today’s testimony of God’s healing power is #1 out of 5 Testimonies of God’s Goodness shared this week. Up Next is a Powerful Testimony of Healing and Deliverance.
See also: Another Encouraging Testimony of God Healing

Testimony of God’s Healing Power: A Powerful Personal Testimony of God's Healing Power.
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