Testimony of God’s Faithfulness ~ A Personal Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

Testimony of God’s Faithfulness ~ A True Personal Testimony of God’s Faithfulness. God is faithful, we can count on him!

Psalm 145:13b, ESV The LORD is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does.
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*Please scroll down to the end of the testimony for an important note!

My friend’s mom, a young woman at the time, had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Her older child had become a “big girl”, and she was eager to have another little one. She prayed and asked God to bless her with a second child. She did get pregnant, and she was elated! She felt certain God spoke to her concerning this particular pregnancy; so she was confident her new baby was growing, and excited about what the future would bring.

You can imagine her shock when the doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat at her 12 week appointment. The doctor did all the necessary tests available to them at the time, and he gave her the sad news – she needed to have a D & C done ASAP, as the baby was dead.

She was devastated and confused, but kept telling her husband – God told me about this particular child! He couldn’t have changed his mind! She went to a different doctor, and received the same terrible news. Over the next few months, she went to doctor after doctor to try to register for prenatal care, but everyone said the same thing – You are no longer pregnant. Get a D & C before you endanger yourself!

She couldn’t bring herself to do the D & C however. She kept saying she was certain God had spoken to her about this particular baby. All in all, this young lady saw a total of 7 different doctors; and the report was always the same. At home, even as the months went by, her tummy didn’t get any bigger, she felt no baby movement, no kicks, nothing.

In her seventh month, her tummy started getting a teeny tiny bit bigger. Her neighbors noticed her teeny tiny bump and assumed she had just become pregnant. She knew she was supposed to be 7 months pregnant, but she still didn’t feel any kicks or movement. She went ahead and started getting herself and her home ready for a new baby. She even bought new baby clothes. Her ninth month of pregnancy soon rolled around, and one day, she went in to her church to help set up for a Thanksgiving service. She was very active, moving around, helping with decorating and other tasks.

While she was at church, she began to experience what felt like labor pains, and she was rushed to the nearest hospital. Guess what? She gave birth to a healthy 10 pound baby girl and named her Faith! Her husband took Baby Faith to see all the 7 doctors they had previously seen, and they were all speechless. Nobody could explain it. Everyone showered the family with love, gifts & best wishes. Faith is my very good friend today – we live a couple of miles apart 🙂
Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness!

Numbers 23:19, NIV God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?

Important Note:
God is faithful, God is all powerful, and God can do anything! But please know that I would never advise anyone to defy their doctor’s orders, as you really could put yourself in serious danger. If you are absolutely certain God spoke to you concerning something, then by all means, obey God. But God has given medical doctors wisdom to care for us as well! I’m sure you understand!

So, please, this testimony is definitely NOT meant to encourage you to defy your doctor’s orders. The lesson here is about relying on God; and trusting that God is faithful to His promises! If he says it, we can trust that he will certainly do it! Bible Verses about Relying on God

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