May God Continue To Order Your Steps (Oluwa Dari)

May God Continue To Order Your Steps (Oluwa Dari)

Psalm 119:133, NIV Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.
Psalm 119:133, NLT Guide my steps by your word, so I will not be overcome by evil.
Psalm 119:133, KJV Ad. Order my steps in your word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

Good Morning Dear Friends!

Thank you as always for your faithfulness, prayers, and encouragement.

Thank you for trusting God to give us clarity and peace of mind.

A fun little tidbit – “Oluwa” means God in Yoruba, and “Dari” means “Lead, Guide, or Direct You.”

“Oluwa Dari” means –
May God lead us.
May God guide us.
May God direct us.
May God order our steps.

Dear Friends,
May God continue to order all of our steps.

May God continue to renew our strength from day to day.

May we keep on drawing closer to God and getting to know God more and more.

May we listen for God’s voice in everything we do, and May we trust and obey.

May we continually encourage ourselves in the Lord.

May we always maintain our confident trust in God.

May we keep on trusting God one day at a time.

May God’s name’s always be glorified in all of our lives.

May God Continue To Order Your Steps!

Have a beautiful, peaceful and productive day friends! Thank you. :)

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Thanks for reading, Dear Friends!
Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~

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