Little is much when God is in it – Scripture Verses, Bible Quotes, & Christmas Story – Little is much with God’s help!

Little is much when God is in it – Scripture Verses, Bible Quotes, & Christmas Story – Little is much with God’s help!

Little is much when God is in it Verse
Matthew 14:17, ESV They said to him, “We have only five loaves here and two fish.”

Little is much when God is in itBy Bomi Jolly, 12/13/16
Dear Friends, I am reminded in such a powerful way, that little is much when God is in it – yes, little is much with God’s help!

We recently explored Examples of Imperfect People God used in the Bible. I am also reminded of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.

All through the Bible, we encounter several examples of God using people – not because they are perfect, not because they have something nobody else has, not because they are mega rich, not because they are super talented… but because they are available.

Today, I am here to add my own little story of being used by God. Yes, little is much when God is in it! I pray this is a blessing, encouragement and inspiration to you and yours. See also: When God calls, He also equips

Let me start by saying I am an avid reader of Our Daily Bread. I am one of the countless people this ministry has blessed tremendously over the years. I regularly read their devotionals online, and it is a blessing. They also send out free devotionals in the mail if anyone is interested. They have many other great free resources to help everyone (print and digital), no matter where you are in your walk with God. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Our Daily Bread as a wonderful Christian resource.

A few weeks ago, I noticed they had this special Christmas feature available – The Gift Of Grace. I clicked to find out more, and got so excited when I read about it. I thought hmm, this is an easy way to encourage Christians and Non Christians alike in my neighborhood. The Gift of Grace is a little booklet filled with 10 Inspiring Reflections/Devotions. The booklet also includes an introduction to who Jesus is and an invitation to become a Christian. I figured I could hand it out in my neighborhood along with some Christmas Treats, and it would be a way to reach out to people and hopefully draw them to God. So on November 21st, I ordered a bunch of “The Gift of Grace” booklets.

My Gift of Grace package arrived last week. I made a mental note to go out and buy several boxes of hot chocolate and candy canes closer to Christmas, and make a little holiday package along with the booklet to distribute in my neighborhood. Well this past Sunday, we had a LOT of snow! I think it snowed for 4 days in a row – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with the heaviest snow fall being on Sunday.

During the service at church that day, our pastor and his wife talked about how we could pick up “touch cards” after the service, and hand them out to people we came in contact with. They gave several practical examples of how we could bless people and also invite them to church – the beautiful touch cards were an invitation to the Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at church.

I was so excited! I took this as another confirmation that I should be doing this, but instead of waiting closer to Christmas, I decided TODAY was the day to do this, by God’s grace! 😀 So, I collected a bunch of the touch cards after service, and after church, the boys and I headed straight to our favorite grocery store. See also: God blesses our efforts to obey him

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