Don’t give up on self control – There’s hope!

Don’t give up on self control – There’s hope!
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My boys and I stopped at a new store on our way back from school a little while ago. We stumbled on some treats in a brand I know my husband particularly enjoys. I was excited to see these yummy snacks, as our regular local grocery store does not carry them (in the past, I had ordered them online from a national store).

The flavors on sale at this store were however new to us, so I wasn’t 100% sure which ones my husband would enjoy this time. So I decided to buy a couple of different flavors, and have my husband try them later that evening, perhaps after dinner. I figured we could all join him and have a taste as well, and we would decide which flavors to keep buying moving forward. The boys also picked out their own favorite snacks and treats just for themselves. They didn’t seem to be too interested in the snacks we had picked out for their Dad.

Soon after we arrived home, we put all the items we bought away. All of a sudden, my 9 year old could not stop thinking about the treats I had bought for his father.

May I have some, Mommy? he asked, trying to be as sweet as possible. LOL. No sweetie, came my reply – remember, I said we would eat these with Daddy after he gets back from work.

May I open up one of the bags and have just a little bit? No, I replied once again. Go eat the snacks you picked out for yourself. You remember we specifically bought these for Daddy, right? Let’s wait till he gets back home before eating these, ok?

He was quiet for a minute, but he soon came back. Mom, I’d like to try it now please, just a little bit! At this point I was a little annoyed, and honestly also surprised. I thought my 9 year old usually showed more restraint! So I said to him – what’s going on with you today? Don’t you have any self control? To which he replied ever so intently: No Mommy! I have no self control! He threw himself at me when he said that, embracing me in a big hug. I burst out laughing and hugged him tight. We all laughed about it and used this as a teachable moment for us all.

How many times have we been tempted to throw in the towel and declare “I have no self control!” Or maybe something like: “I can’t show this person kindness anymore, I’m done!” Or “I can’t be patient any longer”! Or “I can’t trust God any longer, I’m doing this my way!” Or “I can’t forgive this person, they have hurt me too much!”?

Dear Friends, Don’t give up on self control – There is hope! 🙂
Please join us as we explore 4 Ways to Develop Self Discipline & Self Control.
I pray this is a blessing & encouragement to you and yours!

Thanks for reading, Dear Friends!
Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~

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