God Doesn’t Care About Your Past!

Dear Friends, You got that right – God doesn’t care about your past! Please see thoughts below, plus Powerful & Encouraging Scriptures & Bible Verses which reinforce this fact: God doesn’t care about your past!

2 Corinthians 5:17, ESV Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.


I recently reconnected with an old classmate. It was great to be in touch again! We finished high school right around 20 years ago, and we had not seen or heard from each other since then. So it was like a brand new friendship, especially because we had not been close in high school. It was fun getting to know each other again!

Shortly after our new friendship began, a mutual friend of ours reached out to me privately. She said she wanted to warn me about this old friend… that she had a bad past and that she must be pretending about being a Christian.

I said to my well meaning friend, “I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her so far. What if she’s changed now?”

She responded saying she didn’t believe our friend could possibly have changed, that she must be a pretender, and that she was very familiar with her bad past. “Don’t believe the hype”, she warned.

I thanked her and we said our good byes. I appreciated her good intentions in trying to look out for me, but our conversation made me think of just one of the many reasons why God is so awesome!

I was reminded that while human beings can often forever hold your past against you, God doesn’t!

Dear Friends:
God doesn’t care about yesterday
– He cares about your today and your tomorrow!

God doesn’t care about who you were
– He cares about who you are becoming!

God doesn’t care about your past
– He cares about your future!

Praise God!!!
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God Doesn't Care About Your Past!
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