God Can Bless You In Unexpected, Unimaginable & Unmerited Ways.

God Can Bless You In Unexpected, Unimaginable & Unmerited Ways.


Good Morning, Dear Friends!

I am already smiling, and I haven’t even completed two lines in this post! LOL.

Yes, this is a very delightful post to write, it makes my heart so very happy – what a beautifully encouraging testimony!

Ok, here goes! 🙂

A few days ago, I was driving through a neighborhood that had some interesting landmarks, one of which was a beautiful church at the end of the street I was driving on. I parked in the church parking lot, and got out of my car, all bundled up. I took a few steps and came across a man who was clearing the snow from his sidewalk – it had snowed a few hours earlier. Let’s call this man Mr. White. 🙂

I said hello!:), and we struck up a conversation. I am SO glad I stopped to chat! I complimented Mr. White on his beautiful blue house, and he told me the story behind the lovely house I was looking at.

A long time ago, Mr. White had made some poor choices that caused him to lose everything. He hit rock bottom, and had to start all over again. Many companies would typically not hire people like him, but he came across a company in my city that hires people who have made poor choices in life and are looking for a second chance. This company hired Mr. White, and put him to work! (Related: God doesn’t care about your past!)

Mr. White worked there for a while, and his boss really wanted to help him out. Guess what his boss did? He looked for a house that he could comfortably purchase in cash, and turned around and sold the house to Mr. White on a land contract, at 0% interest. Mr. Boss sold the house to Mr. White for the same price he purchased it. He simply did it to help Mr. White out, not to make a profit. Amazing!!!

This all happened about 6 years ago, so the housing market was not crazy like it is now. Homes were much more affordable back then, so Mr. Boss was able to purchase in cash. This simple act of kindness changed the course of Mr. White’s life. He took on extra jobs in addition to his main job, and did his very best to make the payments on the house as quickly as possible. He ended up paying the house off in THREE years!

Mr. White has since made many improvements to the house, and all the trouble makers who used to live in the neighborhood have since moved out. His neighborhood has increased in value, and his house is now worth a pretty penny – almost 10 times what he originally paid for it! Best of all, Mr. White now has NO debt whatsoever – no mortgage debt, no credit card debt, no pay loan debts, nothing. He continues to work at the same company till today, and he makes sure to give back to others who were in the position he used to be in.

Isn’t God amazing?!?

I pray this testimony serves as a reminder to you, that God can bless you in unexpected, unimaginable and unmerited ways. God can make beautiful confetti out of your mistakes and mishaps. God can bless you in ways you could never even dare dream of!

On the other side of the coin, isn’t it so beautiful how God opened Mr. Boss’s eyes to see how he could help his employee and brother in Christ? I am praying that God continues to grant us open eyes, so we can see how He wants us to bless others! When God calls, He also equips! If God leads us to do something, He will definitely provide a way for us to do it.

So whether we are on the giving or receiving side of blessings at any point in time, may we continue trusting God one day at a time! May we continually seek God first in all things, so that God can do whatever He wants to do in us and through us! May we always remember that there is nothing too hard for God – there is nothing we can think of that God cannot do! All power belongs to God – let’s just do our part faithfully every day, and leave God to do His part. He makes all things beautiful in His time!

My prayer for you today: God will bless you unexpectedly. So keep trusting God, and keep being a blessing to others, to the glory of God! Amen.

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God Can Bless You In Unexpected, Unimaginable & Unmerited Ways.
Thanks for reading, Dear Friends!
Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~ JollyNotes.com

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