7 Tips For A Good Work Life Balance.

7 Tips For A Good Work Life Balance.

Hello Friends! I just finished reading a dear friend’s post, and I found it very helpful! I actually read it twice, just to let it sink in properly. 🙂

A little background: My friend works at a very demanding job – She is a physician at a busy hospital. She is very hard working, kind, and great at what she does! In her post, she talks about a few things that have helped her cope with her highly demanding job, and I wanted to share them with you today! I have thus titled this post “7 Tips For A Good Work Life Balance.” I pray and trust this will be a blessing to you and yours! 🙂

7 Tips For A Good Work Life Balance:

#1. Don’t bury yourself in your job. It will bury you with no regrets. Family always comes first.

#2. Make space for yourself. Beautify the space you live in. Silence the self deprecating voice that rears its head to mock you.

#3. Look for a community of like minded individuals who will stretch you in a good way to look outside the conventional box you have built around yourself. This community of like minded people will encourage you, challenge you, and help you learn to appreciate yourself more.

#4. Make time for yourself. Create time to think, reflect, plan, strategize and rest.

#5. Realize you are human, that you will make mistakes, and that it is okay. Keep learning from your experiences, and keep learning from others too. Make it your goal to live gracefully in spite of your circumstances.

#6. Give yourself a lot of grace. You will not be perfect, you will not be liked by everyone, you will sometimes feel like a fish out of water; but it is okay. You may be battered by the storm, but you will come out not just stronger but with the battle scars to prove that you survived.

#7. Above all, turn to the One who made you. Ask Him to help you through this journey we call life. He has the blueprint.

*The above tips are adapted from this post, written by OlaoluwaTomi.
Used With Permission.

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7 Tips For A Good Work Life Balance.
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