5 things we need to survive in life

5 things we need to survive in life
Find below 5 things we need to survive – physically and spiritually. I pray this is a blessing to you and yours!

1. We need sunlight to survive. Sunlight is a source of energy. Just as we need sunlight, we all need hope to survive. Hope gives us strength – we all need hope!

2. We need water to survive. Living cells and tissues work through water. Just as we need water, we all need love. God needs our love! Love is not optional – we must love one another.

3. We need air to survive. Without air, there is no life. Without air, living things die. Just as we need air, we all need God. God’s presence gives us abundant life here on earth, and eternal life once our time on earth is complete. We all need God! Go to God in prayer anywhere, and at anytime. Getting to know God; The Power of Prayer

4. We need food to survive. We need food in order to have energy to function in life. All living things need food to grow, move around, work, and to reproduce. Just as we need food, we all need God’s word in order to survive and grow in Christ. We need to meditate on God’s word in order to grow spiritually, to lead others to Christ, to encourage one another, and to be functional in the body of Christ. See also: Understanding the Bible

5. We need a suitable habitat to survive – one with the right temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, life cannot be sustained. Just as we need a habitat, we all need each other! We need each other to encourage one another. We need each other to love one another. We need each other to learn and grow in the fruit of the spirit. We are one body in Christ! We need each other to survive!

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