120 Praise & Worship Songs – Inspirational & Uplifting

*Who am I – Casting Crowns
*Praise you in the storm – Casting Crowns
*Friend of God – Phillips, Craig & Dean
*Let my words be few – Phillips, Craig & Dean
*Ijoba Orun – Lara George
*On my knees – Jaci Velasquez

*Adore – Jaci Velasquez
*Sanctuary – Jaci Velasquez
* Un Lugar Celestial (A Heavenly Place) – Jaci Velasquez
*Imagine me without you – Jaci Velasquez
* I will rest in you – Jaci Velasquez
*God so loved – Jaci Velasquez

*Just a prayer away – Jaci Velasquez
*Flower in a rain – Jaci Velasquez
*God loves you – Jaci Velasquez
*I promise – Jaci Velasquez
*Speak for me – Jaci Velasquez
*Lean on Me – Kirk Franklin

*Imagine Me – Kirk Franklin
*Why we sing – Kirk Franklin
*The Storm is over now – Kirk Franklin
*We worship your holy name – Kirk Franklin
*Hold Me Now – Kirk Franklin
*When God Ran – Ray Boltz

*Thank you – Ray Boltz
*Thank you Lord – Don Moen
*God will make a way – Don Moen
*I worship you Almighty God – Don Moen
*Give Thanks – Don Moen
*Still/ Be Still and Know – Don Moen

*I offer my Life – Don Moen
*God is good all the time – Don Moen
*God will make a way – Don Moen
*I want to be where you are – Don Moen
*Great is your Mercy – Don Moen or Donnie McClurkin
*Holy Holy Holy – Donnie McClurkin

*I call you Faithful – Donnie McClurkin
*That’s what I believe – Donnie McClurkin
*Stand – Donnie McClurkin
*Speak to my heart – Donnie McClurkin
*I am – Donnie McClurkin
*Holy – Donnie McClurkin

*Days of Elijah – Donnie McClurkin
*How beautiful – Twila Paris
*No Sweeter Name – Kari Jobe
*We cry out – Kari Jobe
*Revelation song – Kari Jobe
*You are good – Kari Jobe

*The more I seek you – Kari Jobe
*Pure – Kari Jobe
*Beautiful – Kari Jobe
*Say so – Isreal Houghton
*Friend of God – Israel Houghton
*Alpha and Omega – Israel Houghton

*Lord you are good – Israel Houghton
*I will search – Israel Houghton
*I’m trading my sorrows – Israel Houghton
*Moving Forward & Every Prayer – Israel Houghton Featuring Mary Mary
*Our God is an awesome God – Michael W. Smith or Rich Mullins
*You are great, you do miracles so great (You deserve the glory) – Terry MacAlmon

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