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Fast Christian Songs, Fast Christian Music, Fast Christian Worship Songs & Fast Christian Praise Songs. Fast Christian Dance Songs. Top Popular Christian Fast Songs – Fast Praise & Dance Collection of Happy, Uplifting, Encouraging, Motivational, Upbeat, Inspirational Christian Songs, Music, MP3s, Tunes, Rap – Favorite Fast Christian Songs & Music. Upbeat Christian Songs, Upbeat Christian Praise Songs and Upbeat Christian Worship Songs. Plus Links to Many More.

*Lovely Day – Out of Eden
*Lookin’ for love – Out of Eden
*Window – Out of Eden
*River – Out of Eden
*More than you know – Out of Eden

*Love, Peace & Happiness – Out of Eden
*Mighty Mighty Good – Out of Eden
*Now I sing – Out of Eden
*Spirit Moves – Out of Eden
*Greater Love – Out of Eden

*Come and take my hand – Out of Eden
*Aint nothing but a good thing – Out of Eden
*Bandwagon – Out of Eden
*Tomorrow – Out of Eden
*Good time – Out of Eden

*No turning back – Out of Eden
*Heart of hearts – Out of Eden
*Free to Be Me – Francesca Battistelli
*The Great I am – Donnie McClurkin
*Make it last forever – Avalon featuring Out of Eden

*Just wanna say – Israel Houghton
*Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me – Israel Houghton
*God in Me – Mary Mary
*Shackles(Praise You) – Mary Mary
*Get Up – Mary Mary

*In the morning – Mary Mary
*Heaven – Mary Mary
*I got it – Mary Mary
*I get joy– Mary Mary
*Thankful – Mary Mary

*Somebody – Mary Mary
*I Sings – Mary Mary
*Believer – Mary Mary
*Love him like I do – Deitrick Haddon, Mary Mary & Reuben Studdard
*Thank you – Mary Mary & Kirk Franklin

*Stomp – Kirk Franklin
*Revolution – Kirk Franklin
*Brighter Day – Kirk Franklin
*Hosana – Kirk Franklin
*Looking for you – Kirk Franklin
*He Reigns – Kirk Franklin
*Declaration (This is it!) – Kirk Franklin

*Go with me – Deitrick Haddon
*Where you are – Deitrick Haddon
*Wanna Dance – Deitrick Haddon
*Anyhow – Deitrick Haddon
*My Savior My God– Aaron Shust
*Skillet – Comatose
*Tango – Jaci Velasquez

*Unspoken – Jaci Velasquez
* If this world – Jaci Velasquez
*Everytime I fall – Jaci Velasquez
* Show you love – Jaci Velasquez
*Heaven – Bebe & Cece Winans
*Count it all joy – Bebe & Cece Winans
*He can handle it – Cece & Bebe Winans

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