I Need Christian Encouragement: I Need God’s Help, I Need to Talk to Someone about God, I Need a Christian to talk to, I Need Some Christian Encouragement, I Need Help from God, I Need God’s Help Desperately.

8. I am Desperate for God to Answer My Prayers Concerning Something
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about The Power of Prayer; Emergency Prayer Numbers;
Bible Verses about God’s Mighty Power; Waiting on God; God’s Faithfulness;
Prayer is the Key Quotes – Motivational Quotes about Prayer ;
Bible Verses about God’s Will, Trusting God’s Plan; Never Giving Up;
Does God Still Heal, Speak, Perform Miracles & Answer Prayers?; God’s Goodness

9. I am Trying to Overcome a Bad Habit, Besetting Sin, or An Addiction
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Addiction & Recovery; Freedom from Shame;
Letting Go of Bad Relationships; Asking for Forgiveness, Help, Wisdom;
Fixing Your Eyes on God; Victory in Christ; Bible Verses about New Beginnings

10. I Wonder if God Loves Me – Does God Love Me? Does God Care About Me?
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about God’s Unfailing & Unconditional Love;
Assurance of God’s Love ; Bible Verses about Being Precious to God ;
Am I too bad for God?; How Great God’s Love Is; Nothing Can Separate Us;
Bible Verses about God’s Sacrifice; God’s Love & What God’s Love is;
Does God still love me after I sin? Does God still love me when I mess up?
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11. I Have Doubts about My Salvation, I Have Doubts about God;
I Wonder if I am really a Christian, If I am truly Saved, If I am going to Heaven

Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Assurance of Salvation; What Does God say about me?; Clothed in God’s Righteousness ; The Blood of Jesus Speaks for Me ; Bible Verses about Doubts, Doubting God, Overcoming Doubt; Our Identity in Christ

12. I Wonder If God Will Give Me Another Chance
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Making Mistakes and Forgiveness; God’s Forgiveness ; God doesn’t care about your past; Bible Verses about Repentance & God’s Forgiveness; Seeking God, Finding God; Bible Verses about God’s Mercy; Bible Verses about Surrendering to God; Bible Verses about Second Chances; Bible Verses about New Beginnings; Don’t take God for granted

13. I Have Questions About Life & My Purpose; I Wonder if God Can Use Me
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Life, Purpose in Life; Why am I here?;
Bible Verses about Priorities in Life; Bible Verses about God’s Approval, Pleasing God;
Bible Verses for Youth; Examples of Imperfect People God Used in The Bible;
Bible Verses about Jesus Being Our Friend; When God Calls, He also Equips;
Bible Verses about Living in the Present; Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in Me

14. I am Seeking God’s Will For My Life
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about God’s Will, Trusting God’s Plan; Being Fruitful;
Come to the Throne of Grace; Trusting God; Having Faith in God; Obeying God;
Being Faithful in the Little Things ; While we wait for Jesus – We were made for more!
Bible Verses about Jesus Helping Us; Bible Verses about Hope, Staying Hopeful

15. I Want God’s Favor, God’s Blessings, and a Successful Life
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Favor; Bible Verses about Success; Doing Your Best; Bible Verses about Work Ethic; Blessings; Being Thankful; Counting Your Blessings; God’s Promises; Honesty & Integrity; Knowing Your Worth; Saying Yes to God; Saying Yes to God Bible Verses; How to be fruitful in Christ ; Prayers of Blessing in the Bible ; Humility is the key to success; Humility is a choice.
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My Prayer for You Today
May God’s Peace, Love, Joy and Sweet Presence fill you to overflowing today and always. May you rest in the knowledge that God is with you, and that He truly and deeply cares. May God show you which way to go, what steps to take, whether to turn to the right or to the left. May God fill your life with smiling, laughter & practical love from family and friends. May God’s love envelope you and constantly sustain you, and May His hand always be evident in your life. May your life be a testimony of the grace and goodness of God. May your life always be a blessing and a shining light to others. May God’s name always be glorified in all of our lives ~ Amen.
May God Bless & Keep You Always! (Click for complete prayer)
See also: 5 Powerful Christian Encouragement Bible Verses; and Bible Verses about Encouraging Others.

I pray and trust by God’s grace you have been encouraged today. Please share this page with your friends, loved ones, or anyone who needs encouragement or needs God’s help.
*May God bless you with Joy, Peace & His Presence; and May His face continually shine upon you!

Please Note:
***If you still need some Christian encouragement because you have something on your mind that has not been addressed in any of the above topics, please feel free to email me – your Christian friend and your sister in Christ. You’re very welcome to write even if you are not a Christian yet. 🙂
*Please, Be Encouraged!*

Thanks for reading, Dear Friends!
Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~ JollyNotes.com

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