I Need Christian Encouragement: I Need God’s Help, I Need to Talk to Someone about God, I Need a Christian to talk to, I Need Some Christian Encouragement, I Need Help from God, I Need God’s Help Desperately.

Do You Need Christian Encouragement?
Do You Need Encouragement From The Bible?

Need God’s Help? Need to Talk to Someone about God, Need a Christian to talk to, or Need Some Christian Encouragement? Need to Talk to Someone Online? Have Questions about God, Christianity, Christian Life & Religion? Need Help from God? Need God’s Help Desperately? Bible Verses, Scripture Quotes, Prayers and Encouragement.

Needing Christian Encouragement? Please scroll down and explore the topics below, and find which one(s) apply to you today. Each Topic has several helpful relevant subtopics which will by God’s grace bless, inspire, comfort, encourage, and strengthen you.

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*If you need to talk to someone because you are contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 (800) 273-8255 (USA, 24/7).

*If you or your loved ones are being abused, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

*Need Christian Encouragement? Find A Relevant Topic below, & Be Encouraged!
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Key Bible Verse for Christian Encouragement:
Psalm 138:3, NLT As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.
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I need you Lord Jesus, I need you: Need God’s Help?
My Prayer for You:
May God Encourage You & Strengthen You Today!

1. I Need Something to Quickly Cheer Me Up
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses for a Bad Day, Having a Bad Day ; Happy Words;
Best Christian Jokes; Christian Humor Quotes & One Liners; Funny Bible Verses;
Favorite Uplifting & Encouraging Videos; Being Happy, Joyful, Cheerful

2. I am Feeling Very Sad, Down, Blue, Depressed, Hopeless or Discouraged
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Feeling Down, Depressed; I need a Hug;
Bible Verses about Feeling Discouraged; Bible Verses when you feel hopeless and helpless;
Bible Verses of Encouragement, Comfort, Hope, Love; God will give you the strength to endure;
Bible Verses about Choosing Joy; Who Does God say I am?; How to Live a Joyful Life

3. I Want to Know More About Starting a Relationship with God, Getting Back into a Relationship with God, or Growing in My Relationship with God
Helpful Pages => Getting to know God; Bible Verses about Spiritual Growth;
Bible Verses about Walking with God; Following Christ; Honoring & Glorifying God; Bible Verses about Backsliding; Salvation, Being Saved, Born Again; Are You Jesus?; What Makes God Happy, Smile, Laugh?; What Makes God Sad, Angry, Cry?; Bible Verses about Learning & Growing.

4. I Am Experiencing Something Very Difficult, Tough, Stressful, or Overwhelming
Helpful Pages => Trusting God in the Midst of the Storm; Trusting God to get you through; Trusting God one day at a time; Bible Verses about Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed; Feeling Tired; Bible Verses about Death of a Loved One; Adversity, Tough Times; Bible Verses about Breakups, Broken Hearts; Never Giving Up; Bible Verses about Trusting God; Bible Verses about Calling Out to God; Bible Verses about Questioning God; God Helping Us Through Hard Times; Bible Verses When You Don’t Understand; Bible Verses When You Need Peace; Bible Verses of Encouragement, Comfort & Hope

5. I Feel Alone, Abandoned, Rejected or Defeated.
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Abandonment, Rejection; Bible Verses about Feeling Lost;
7 Bible Verses When You Feel Defeated; Bible Verses about Friendship; Feeling Alone, Lonely, Empty; Bible Verses about God’s Unfailing Love

6. I am Having Trouble Getting Over What Someone Did to Me
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Forgiveness, Forgiving Others, Forgiving Yourself;
When Life Gives You Disappointments & Pain; Bible Verses about Moving On;
Bible Verses about False Accusations; Jumping to Conclusions; How to Treat Others;
Anger Management; Letting Go and Letting God; Letting go of offense; Letting Go of Anger, Hurt

7. I am Afraid, Worried, or Anxious; I Have Had Bad Dreams, Nightmares, or Sleepless Nights
Helpful Pages => Bible Verses about Worry and Anxiety; Do not Fear Bible Verses;
Bible Verses for When You Can’t Sleep; Bible Verses for Bad Dreams or Nightmares
Bible Verses about Overcoming Fear; Trusting God; Bible Verses about Resting, Relaxing; God is able ; Letting go and Letting God ; I will not Fear Quotes; Trusting God One Day at a Time

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