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Inspiring Stories
***Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me
***Showers of Blessings (Bible Verses & Story)
***I need a hug – Need a hug? Get a Hug Online!
***Think God can’t use you? Think again – God can use YOU!
***Hugs Quotes & Sayings, I need a hug Quotes, The power of a hug

***Are you Jesus Story – Do people see Jesus in me & you?
***When Life Gives you Disappointments and Pain
***Don’t Jump to Conclusions!
***7 Gifts to give Jesus at Christmas & Always
***Does God still Heal, Speak, Perform Miracles & Answer Prayers? – 5 Powerful Testimonies & Miracles

***You are loved and appreciated
***Listen to Constructive Criticism
***Forgive Others as God Forgave You
***Value What You Have

***Being Sensitive to God, & Being Sensitive to God’s Voice
***Follow God’s Example in Everything You Do
***God sees us for who we are long before we get there
***Extend yourself to others
***Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel

***God’s Mercy is for everyone
***Spending time in the Secret Place
***I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
***God, what are you doing?
***We can all learn from each other

***Happy New Year to all my friends and family
***God is Faithful to His Promises
***Investing in People’s Lives
***There is Time for Everything
***Don’t be so quick to judge, you never know…

*** Thankful for Jollof Rice
*** We are representatives of Jesus
*** Keep Being a Blessing
*** Fools & Foolish Words
*** Dealing with Disappointment

*** Don’t be afraid to be different
*** Have a nice day Christian Quotes
*** Welcome to

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