God sees us for who we are before we get there: God sees our potential!

God sees us for who we are before we get there: God sees our potential!
Key Verse:
Isaiah 43:18-19, NIV Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
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I was sitting down at the dining table the other day, typing away at my computer. The boys were playing with their cars on the dining floor. They laughed and chatted about all sorts of things as they played. I joined in their conversation, laughing along… but I kept typing away.

My 2 yr old then came close to me and started climbing on my back as I sat and typed. He hung on to my back, wrapping his little hands around my shoulders. He kept giggling and squirming – it was hard for the chair to hold us both in that position. It was obvious he wanted to play with me. I laughed and abandoned my typing… it was no longer possible to type anyway lol. I got up and decided to walk to their play area so we could all play, with my 2yr old riding on my back and my 4yr old running ahead.

As I walked along, I started bobbing up and down, humming and jiggling a little, trying to make the walk to the play area a little more fun. My little guy giggled in joy, screaming YAY!!! The scene reminded me of how I would strap him on my back as a baby, in his little blue Snugli…. So I started singing as we walked/bobbed: “T is my baby, my baby, my baby, T is my baby, I know I know I know!” … just like I would sing when he was a baby.

To which he replied – “I’m not a baby anymore, Mommy – I’m a cowboy riding my horse!! Giddy Up Horsey – Yee-haw!!!” I couldn’t help laughing. I laughed even harder when I turned back and saw the super serious look on his face. He was pretty much saying – Mom, please get that baby image out of your mind! Yes, I’m riding on your back, but I’m not a baby anymore – I’ve moved on… We’re playing cowboy now!!!

What happened reminded me of what my pastor once said during a sermon (paraphrasing) – “God sees us for who we are before we actually become that person.” My translation: God sees us for who we are before we get there! God sees our potential, sees who and what we are becoming, he sees the entire process going on in our lives. God sees the big picture.

Others may just see what it looks like we are right now, or make assumptions based on our past, where we’re coming from, where they know we’ve been. But every day, we are being transformed. By God’s grace, and with our cooperation, we are being changed daily, as we walk in his way and do his will. We are growing, maturing, developing, and moving forward… We are not just staying the same (Amen).

So please, don’t forget – God, our Father knows all and sees all, he does not look at us and just focus on our past, our “babyness” or our mistakes. He sees our hearts, he sees what we are becoming – long before that process is complete, and long before it becomes obvious to others.
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And the other side of the coin – Yes, some people may have made mistakes – big and small. Yes, some may have done terrible things in the past – no excuses. Some people may have had sour or really nasty attitudes when we last communicated with them. But don’t forget – just like you and I are changing, growing and maturing every day, others are also being transformed! Let’s give others the benefit of doubt before jumping to conclusions. We don’t want people to make the wrong assumption about us based on our past – let’s remember to treat others accordingly. See also: God doesn’t care about your past!

So Giddy Up, Cowboy – Keep Going Forward! Remember, God sees the Cowboy or Cowgirl in you! 🙂
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Question: Are you confident that you are being transformed daily? Are you currently walking with God? If yes, then yay!:)! If not, then please allow me to introduce you to my father… Please check out this article: Getting to know God. God will transform you, change you for the *best*:)… and you can walk each day in faith, hope, love, joy and confidence, knowing your future is secure=)!
*God sees us for who we are was originally written by Bomi Jolly in June, 2010.

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