Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel: Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel: Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Key Verse: “if you have a message of encouragement for the people, please speak.” ~ Acts 13:15b, NIV
Dear Friends, Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel. If you appreciate someone, If you love someone, If you admire someone, If you have been blessed by someone- what are you waiting for?

Please, Don’t procrastinate. Don’t take them for granted… Don’t assume you will always have this opportunity to express your feelings to them.

Friends, Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel: Don’t wait until it’s too late!
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A real life illustration: The Lady in the Blue Jacket
It feels like things have always been like this. Early every morning, as we get ready for the day, I look out the window and I see her walking. She is an older lady – probably in her early to mid seventies. She is tiny. Her back is a little bit bent. She is beautiful…

Her steps are not brisk, neither are they slow. They are determined and steady, and she is always looking ahead. We have the blinds up to let the daylight in as we go through our morning routine – breakfast, cleaning up, getting ready, etc. I see her as she walks down the street past our house… she turns around at the end of the street and walks by again, a few minutes later. I feel like running to the door and saying to her: Have a nice day!

Rain or shine, she is there. Sometimes her jacket is thick – on our nice snowy days. Sometimes her jacket is thin. But she is always there. And she is always in a blue jacket.

Each time I see her, I smile to myself. I am encouraged. Her diligence with her daily walk has done so much for me – far more than she can imagine. I feel like I know her, like she is my friend. I am constantly inspired by her persistence. Seeing her every day is a reminder that I too, should stay diligent, stay disciplined, and keep working towards my goals – through the ups and the downs. She reminds me that I don’t necessarily need to be super fast, as long as I am consistent, focused and diligent.

One of these days, I will leave what I’m doing and go say a quick hello to her.

I’ve said that to myself so many times. It’s so early in the morning though, and we are always busy doing this and that. You know how quickly time flies in the morning… It really is not the best time to go out for a chat… Plus it’s kind of cold… 😐

“But one of these days, I’ll go. I’ll tell her how much she’s inspired me.”

A couple of weeks ago, after getting back from a family vacation, we settled in, resumed our regular routine and I started looking out the window for my friend again. But she was nowhere to be found. I’ve tried searching for her. I’ve checked the nearby streets to see if maybe she is walking there instead. But she’s not there. I have no idea where in the neighborhood she lives. I don’t even know her name… but I miss her so!

My guess is for some reason, she has decided to take another route for her daily walk. I certainly wish her well wherever she is. I’d like to think that she is out there inspiring another young woman like me – telling her, without saying any words – to stay diligent, stay disciplined, stay focused, stay determined and stay steady, through the wind and through the rain. I still smile as I write this, thinking about her. I really hope I get to see her again! This time I will not waste anytime in talking to her – Don’t wait to tell someone how you feel!

This experience also reminded me of a few more things:
1. It is a reminder that we often don’t realize how our seemingly little actions are affecting others. Many times, even when people don’t say a word about it, we are affecting others around us positively or negatively. I pray that with our words, our actions, and our daily walk, we will always affect everyone around us in a positive way. And that we will always be an inspiration unto others, in a big way or in a little way.. never a distraction or the cause of a setback. Related: Keep Being a Blessing, Even When Your Actions Seem to Go Unnoticed

2. It is a reminder that in whatever we do, we are representatives of Jesus. People are watching, and People are listening. Do people see Jesus in me and you? Are we doing our best in all that we do?
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3. It is also yet another reminder to not take the “ladies in blue jackets” in my life for granted. To remember to appreciate the people – men, women, young and old – that have had a positive impact in my life, as I have the opportunity. Friends, let’s keep appreciating others and encouraging each other. So help us God, Amen:)!

Thanks for reading, Dear Friends!
Have a wonderfully blessed, stress-free, productive, and joyful day!
Much Love & Blessings,
Bomi Jolly ~
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