God’s Mercy is for Everyone ~ God’s Mercy is for All!

God’s Mercy is for Everyone ~ God’s Mercy is for All!

Lamentations 3:22-23 It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
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We have a side by side fridge & freezer – I absolutely love it!
Apparently, so do the kids lol. If they had their way, they would open up either side and keep bringing stuff out. (By the way – In case you were wondering, the left side is not a deep freezer, and it is virtually impossible for a kid (or anyone) to shut himself in. The door simply won’t shut. It’s an extremely shallow freezer but just has many different compartments so it can store a bunch of stuff. It’s a pretty safe freezer, not the typical deep freezer you will see anywhere else;))!

Still, we naturally don’t want them getting into the habit of opening it. So we asked them to never open it – and that if they wanted something, they should always ask one of us to get it for them. And I promised a good spanking if I ever saw anyone opening the freezer side in particular. I was very well understood lol. A little while ago, the kids were in their play area and I had gone into the pantry to get something. As soon as I left, my 2.5yr old sneaked into the kitchen and opened up the freezer side.

I came out to shouts from my 4.5yr old – “Mommy, come quick, T just opened the freezer!” I saw my 2.5yr old looking very guilty. He hadn’t had enough time to make his exit back to the play area. lol. I scolded him but decided to let him off from the spanking I had promised. But big brother came by, all excited. “See what I told you, Mommy?! T opened up the freezer!” “He’s been a very naughty boy! Don’t forget to spank him!!

I smiled when I heard him say that….wondering how he would feel if he had been in his little brother’s position that day. Would he be reminding me to spank him then? I’ve also let him off so many times for doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing. So why couldn’t he be happy for his little brother? My mind then went back to a post I read a while back from Tracy C’s Blog – “Is Mercy Only Good When I’m Receiving It”? I think the title says it all… (By the way – my 2.5 yr old is not immune to “punishment reminders” either – Just yesterday, he kept reminding me to punish his big brother after he had failed to pick up his toys! lol. )

We are ever so thankful for the numerous mercies we receive.. after all, like the beautiful hymn says:
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end
They are new every morning, new every morning… Great is thy faithfulness – O Lord,
Great is thy faithfulness…
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And yes, we are happy when our loved ones enjoy blessings as well, and we rejoice with them. But what about people who have really messed up – in whatever way? People we know have intentionally done such horrible things but seem to get off without “getting what they deserve”? Getting off with what we view as just a slap on the wrist… How do we feel?

I pray we always remember that God’s love and mercies are always good, not for certain people, not for certain situations, but for everyone. Yes, God’s Mercy is for everyone ~ God’s Mercy is for all! I pray that as we have been shown mercy, we will remember to continually show mercy to others – in love, kindness, forgiveness and in whatever way we have the opportunity to. So help us God – Amen! I pray we always remember that God is sovereign and can show anyone mercy… whether or not we think they deserve it! Related: Forgive Others as God Forgave You

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