50 Happy Kids Songs – Uplifting, Fun, Inspirational (Non Religious), Top Inspirational Songs For Kids

Top Inspirational Songs For Kids – 50 Happy, Uplifting, Fun, Motivational, Inspirational Non Religious Songs, Music For Children, Kids, Little Ones. Kids Songs Online – Great Fun Songs for Kids of all ages. Nice songs for children. Inspirational Songs For Kids , Children, Motivational Songs For Kids, Children, Uplifting Songs For Children, Kids. Great List A Variety of Children Songs, All Non Religious, Upbeat, Classic, Inspirational, Motivational, Uplifting, Happy and FUN!:)!

I hope you enjoy lots of singing, dancing, reflecting, smiles and laughter with your little ones!:)!

*We are family – Kidztown Kids
*You are my sunshine – Kidztown Kids
*The Loco-motion – Kidztown Kids
*Head, shoulders, knees and toes – Kidztown Kids
*We like to party – Kidztown Kids
*Yankee doodle boy – Kidztown Kids
*America – Cedarmont Kids
*Baby Beluga- Raffi
*Shake my sillies out – Raffi
*The more we get together – Raffi
*The sharing song – Raffi
*Down by the bay – Raffi
*The world we love – Raffi
*Banana Phone – Raffi
*Tingalayo – Raffi
*Day O – Raffi
*Rise and shine – Raffi
*Like me and you – Raffi
*This little light of mine - Raffi
*Brush your teeth – Raffi
*May there always be sunshine – Raffi
*Thanks a lot – Raffi
* I love you – Barney
*You can count on me – Barney
*Clean up - Barney
*Mister Sun – Barney
*Please and Thank you – Barney
* Being together – Barney
*The Clapping song - Barney
*People helping other people – Barney
*If you’re happy and you know it – Barney or Dora the Explorer
*John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - Barney & Others
*Do you ears hang low – Cedarmont Kids or Barney
*Hot Potato – The Wiggles
*You make me feel like dancing – The Wiggles
*The Shimmie Shake! - The Wiggles
*Get Ready to Wiggle - The Wiggles
*Fruit Salad – The Wiggles
*The Monkey Dance – The Wiggles
*Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) – The Wiggles
*Dr Knickerbocker – The Wiggles
*Getting Strong! – The Wiggles
*La Bamba – The Wiggles
*Wiggle wiggle – Dora the Explorer
*Shake shake shake – Dora the Explorer
*We Did it! – Dora the Explorer
*Hokey Pokey – Dora the Explorer
*Chicken Dance - Dora the Explorer
*He lives in you – The Lion King Ensemble
*I just can’t wait to be king – Jason Weaver – The Lion King
*Hakuna Matata – Ernie Sabella – The Lion King
*The Lion sleeps tonight – Lebo M. – The Lion King
*S-M-I-L-E - Cedarmont Kids
*Michael Finnigan – Cedarmont Kids
*The Freeze Dance - DJ’s Choice
*Mexican Hat Dance - DJ’s Choice
*Fooba- Wooba John - Countdown Kids
*The Birthday Song – Countdown Kids

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