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Christian Fridge Magnets, Christian Magnets, Christian Refrigerator Magnets, Bible Verse Magnets, Scripture Magnets, Inspirational Magnets & Religious magnets at discount prices. Choose Christian Fridge Magnets Wholesale or Christian Magnets Sale. Christian Fridge Magnets price depends on number purchased. Find below: Christian Fridge Magnets, Scripture Fridge Magnets, & Bible Verse Fridge Magnets. Buy any of our 13 Christian Inspirational Fridge Magnets by clicking a magnet below, or order at Christian magnets wholesale or bulk prices. *Fast & Free Shipping – The Jolly Store is a discount magnets store with Christian & Inspirational discount magnets for sale every day. *Please contact us with any questions, e.g. Rush Shipping, Custom Magnets, or Personalized Magnets.
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As For Me & My House Christian Magnet
As For Me & My House Inspirational Magnet
Joshua 24:15 Bible Verse Magnets
Don't Fear Magnet
Don’t Fear Christian Magnet
Isaiah 41:10 Bible Scripture Magnets

God Is Thinking About You Fridge Magnet
God Is Thinking About You Inspirational Magnet
Jer 29:11 Bible Verses Magnets

I am Persuaded Magnet
I am Persuaded Fridge Magnet
Romans 8:38-39 Scripture Verse Magnets

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Magnet
Fearfully Made Fridge Magnet
Psalm 139:14 Bible Verse Magnets
Smile Magnet
Smile Christian Magnet
Psalm 126:2-3 Bible Scripture Magnets

Awesome God Magnet
Awesome God Christian Magnet
Psalm 104:21 Bible Scripture Magnets

Live, Love, Laugh Magnet
Live, Love, Laugh Fridge Magnet
Psalm 126:2 Bible Refrigerator Magnets

Whatever You Do Magnet
Whatever You Do Fridge Magnet
Col 3:23 Memory Verse Magnets

 At Peace Magnet
At Peace Christian Magnet
John 14:27 Scripture Verse Magnets

Kind Words Magnet
Kind Words Christian Magnet
Proverbs 16:24 Bible Verse Magnets

Forever O Lord Magnet
Forever O Lord Christian Magnet
Psalm 119:189 Memory Verse Magnets

At Ease T-Shirt
At Ease Christian T-Shirt
Nothing Can Separate Us Magnet
Nothing Can Separate Us Christian Magnet
Romans 8:38 Bible Verse Magnets
At Peace T-Shirt
At Peace Christian T-Shirt

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Christian Magnets are thoughtful yet inexpensive gifts that will be a continuous blessing to you & your loved ones.
Christian Fridge Magnets with Bible Verses & Inspirational Sayings are sure to bless, inspire & encourage!

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“Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:57, ESV
“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:15, NIV

“Jolly Store” is a discount magnets store operated by Jolly Notes LLC. By God’s grace, serving God & ministering His love to others will always be our priority.
We pray you & your loved ones enjoy your Christian Magnets, Christian Fridge Magnets, Religious Magnets, or Christian T-Shirts, for many years to come.
Refrigerator Magnets Bible Verses, Scriptures & Quotes can be found by clicking on each magnet above, or by scrolling down for a list view.
Bible Verse Magnets & Scripture Magnets Made in the USA – Find Beautiful Inspirational Bible Verse Magnets for Kids & Adults!

*Please browse this lovely collection of 13 Christian Magnets & 2 T-Shirts, and contact us if you have any questions. We’re very happy to help!


The Jolly Store Features:
Christian Fridge Magnets, Christian Magnets, Christian Refrigerator Magnets, Religious Fridge Magnets, & Christian Inspirational Magnets.
Find the Perfect Christian Magnet Gift – Browse our beautiful selection of Religious & Inspirational Magnets, Bible Verses Magnets & Bible Scripture Magnets.
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Bulk Christian Fridge Magnets Orders may be assorted, or they may all be the same. Please feel free to order any combination of Christian Fridge Magnets, Inspirational Fridge Magnets & Encouraging Fridge Magnets from our Christian Magnets collection. Click each Christian Inspirational magnet for more info.

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We’ll be sure to give you a good Christian fridge magnets price, no matter how many (or how few) magnets you’re interested in!
All Christian Magnets Made in USA, including all Custom Magnets. Your search for Religious Magnets Distributors is over ;)!

Christian Magnets are perfect for your inspiration, as gifts, party favors, wholesale religious items, wholesale religious gifts, Christian magnets kids;
Christian bulk items, Christian bulk favors, Religious magnet favors, Church magnets, Christian bulk gifts, discount magnet favors, & Christian bulk supplies.
Scripture Refrigerator Magnets with Bible Verses, Scriptures or Inspirational Sayings are great Christian discount magnets for kids, women, men, youth, teenagers & seniors. They also make great Church magnets for any religious occasion.

Here are some more wonderful ways you can use Christian Inspirational Fridge Magnets:
For Inspirational, Motivational, Encouraging and Uplifting Christian gifts, birthday party favors, bible magnets, wedding favors, bridal shower favors, wedding attendant gifts, wedding attendant favors, Christian magnet gifts, religious favors, scripture refrigerator magnets, bible refrigerator magnets, bible verse magnets for kids, bible scripture magnets, evangelism, to encourage new believers, memory verse magnets, customer appreciation, volunteer appreciation, gifts for new Christians, mother’s day, father’s day, religious events, stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, Christmas party favors, holiday party favors, baby shower favors, custom made or personalized Christian magnets, discount gifts for a large number of people, client thank you, scripture cards, scripture verse magnets, to evangelize, as caring & thoughtful gifts, inexpensive inspirational magnets for leaving tips at restaurants, love notes, thank you gifts, secret notes, just because notes, just because gifts, scripture magnets, gift enclosures, money gift holders, sharing a message of encouragement, showing love to strangers, showing love & appreciation to friends & family, showing people that you care, etc.

Christian Refrigerator Magnets are useful for daily inspiration, encouragement & motivation for us all.

Collection of Classy, Cheerful, Beautiful, Inspirational, Motivational, Uplifting, & Encouraging Christian Magnets.
All Christian Refrigerator Magnets are displayed with Inspiring Christian Words, Christian Quotes or/& Bible Verses.
Our Fridge Magnets with Inspirational Sayings can easily be handed out as Church magnets for inspirational & religious events.
These encouraging & affordable Christian Magnets can also be handed out as an anytime inspirational gift.
A Christian Magnet Gift costs very little but is a very thoughtful gesture your loved one will enjoy & appreciate for a very long time.
If you are looking for cheap Christian Magnets which will be a continuous blessing to others, you have come to the right place!

Don’t wait, order your Christian Refrigerator Magnets today! Click each magnet above to order, or click here to order in bulk.

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Find Over 15 Christian Magnet Refrigerator Quotes Below:
(Refrigerator Magnets Scriptures & Bible Verses are in Parentheses)
As For Me & My House, We Will Serve The Lord Bible Verse Magnets (Magnets Scripture – Joshua 24:15);
Don’t Fear, I am With You Bible Scripture Magnets (Magnets Bible Verses include Isaiah 41:10);
God Is Thinking About You, God Is Thinking About Me, God Is Thinking About Us Bible Verses Magnets
(Magnet Scriptures include Jeremiah 29:11 & John 3:16);
I am Persuaded Scripture Verse Magnets (Magnets Bible Verse – Romans 8:38);
Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love Bible Verse Magnets (Magnets Scripture – Romans 8:38);
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Bible Verse Magnets (Magnets Bible Verses include Psalm 139:14);
Smile Bible Scripture Magnets (Magnets Bible Verse – Proverbs 15:13);
Live, Love, Laugh Bible Refrigerator Magnets (Magnets Scripture – Psalm 126:2-3);
Awesome God Bible Scripture Magnets (Magnets Bible Verses include Psalm 104:21);
Kind Words are Like Honey Bible Verse Magnets (Magnet Scriptures include Proverbs 16:24);
Whatever You Do, Do Unto God Memory Verse Magnets (Magnets Bible Verse – 1 Corinthians 10:31);
At Peace God is Still God Scripture Verse Magnets (Magnets Scripture – John 14:27);
Forever O Lord Thy Word is Settled Memory Verse Magnets (Magnets Bible Verses include Psalm 119:189);
P is for Prayer, Never Stop Praying Bible Verse Magnets (Magnet Scriptures include 1 Thessalonians 5:17);
Pray Every Day Bible Scripture Magnets (Magnets Bible Verse – 1 Thessalonians 5:17);
(The above Two Prayer Magnets are probably our most popular Bible Verse Magnets for Kids).
At Peace God is Still God & At Ease God is Still God (T-Shirt versions).

We pray and trust you will be blessed by these beautiful Christian Magnets & T-Shirts! Thank you :)!

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