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Free Bible App Guide: Explore the Best Free Bible Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPod Touch & more. Scroll down for List of 12 Top Free Bible Apps, which includes Best Free Bible Apps for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, Best Free Bible Apps for Android Phone, Droid & Android Tablet, Best Free Bible Apps for Blackberry, Free Bible Apps for Smart Phones, Cell Phones, Computers, Tablets, Desktops & Laptops. Several of these Top Free Bible apps also work great for Kindle, Kindle Fire, Windows, Windows Phone, HP/Palm, Java, Symbian, Mac, PC and Mobile Web. Free Bible apps are extremely popular, and several of them provide Free Bible Reading Plans, Bible Study Lessons, Devotionals, Bible Study Tools, Reading Tools, Concordance, Commentaries, etc. Free Bible Apps are invaluable for personal and group Bible Reading, Bible Study, and Exploration. May Christ’s character always be evident in our lives – May we keep growing in God everyday! Amen. Enjoy, & God Bless!

Psalm 119:105 (ESV): “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

List of 12 Top Free Bible Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, (Droid), PC, Mac, Blackberry, iPod Touch, and Other Devices
1. Bible App By (You Version): Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, Windows, Windows Phone, HP/Palm, Java, Symbian, Mobile Web; with syncing capability between devices. Lots of Bible versions and features available, including Daily Verse/ Verse of the day (and a Verse of the Day widget depending on your device), a variety of Bible reading plans (eg chronological, devotionals, partial Bible, topical, whole Bible, youth, etc), ability to take notes, bookmarks, profile, parallel reading so you can easily compare 2 versions, and more. Includes Audio Bible Versions and is available in many foreign languages. This is a really cool Bible app. The Daily Bible Reading Plans allow you to “catchup” if you ever fall behind on your Bible reading plan – no need to get discouraged. The Bible App is the mobile version of’s online Bible. Some of the Bible versions are downloadable and can be used offline, while others can only be used with an internet connection.

2. The App by Faith Comes By Hearing: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Android. Also available online. Includes very popular Audio Bible. Many foreign languages supported. Localized versions, no additional Bible downloads required. Daily Bible programs include Bible in a Year, Proverb a Day, & New Testament in 40 Days (or 40 Day Walk with Jesus). Read the Bible, Listen to the Audio Bible, Watch Bible Videos along with Bible Audio, Share, Bookmark, Highlight, Add notes, and you can sync between devices.

3. Glo Bible App by Immersion Digital: Free Bible App for iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC. With Glo Bible, Bible reading is an immersive experience. This award winning, highly interactive Bible includes Interactive Multimedia, Photos, Videos, Images, Virtual Tours, Articles, Journal, Bible Reading Plans, Cultural & Historical Perspectives and other resources. Each Bible verse is linked to resources and media. Fast navigation & zoomable interface. You can sync your notes and media between devices, and you can link your Glo Bible with your You Version account (eg for notes, community notes, & bookmarks). Downloading the Glo Bible gives you free full offline access to the NIV Bible Translation. A premium version is available, but we recommend sticking with the free version.

4. ESV Bible App by Crossway: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android. Available with or without an internet connection. Compact download. Only includes the ESV Bible Version, no other Bible Translations come with this App. I love the simple, clean and easy layout and interface. Includes cross references, footnotes, fast and easy verse search. Get Your Version: iPhone, iPad, iPod; Or Android

5. The Bible+ or Bible Reader App By Olive Tree Bible Software: Free Bible App for For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle, Nook & Blackberry. Also available for Mac & Windows PC, and you can seamlessly sync Bible+ between all your devices. Bible+ comes with the KJV Bible pre-installed, and the app gives you access to lots of free Bible study resources, fast verse navigation, split screen Bible study, Bookmark, Highlight, Share, Tag. You have the option to purchase several other popular titles, and organize them in your library. Available with or without an internet connection.
Get Your Version: iPad, iPhone, iPod; Or Android, Kindle, Nook; Or Blackberry.

6. Daily Bible App By Joan Soft: Free Bible App for Android. Extremely popular, with lots of wonderful reviews. Includes a Daily Bible Verse, Lots of Bible Reading plans, Many Bible Versions, Daily Devotionals, Podcasts, Audio, Easy Save & Share, Fast & Easy Search, and more. Get it on Google Play, Or Get it on Amazon.

7. The Bible+1 App By Just 1 Word: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. The mobile site allows you to read your Bible online without downloading anything, and you have access to lots of different translations. The Bible app gives you access to the most popular Bible versions. Enjoy quick and easy navigation, highlight, red letters, bookmarks, footnotes, offline Bible reading, share, and search using SmartSearch. Available with or without an internet connection. Get Your Version: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Or Android, Blackberry & Others.

8. Blue Letter Bible App By Blue Letter Bible: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. Comes loaded with lots of rich features like version comparison, commentaries, bookmark, highlight, customize, context search, quick copy, & more. They bring the features of the popular Blue Letter Bible website to the app. Several translations available for free download, plus lots of extensive study tools.

9. Logos Bible App By Logos Bible Software: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, & Android. Also available for Windows, Mac, and Web/Online reading. Includes many different Bible Translations, plus lots of cool features like Text Compare, Passage Guide with Commentary and Cross references, Bible Word Study, and more.

10. Touch Bible Free App By Patrick Franklin: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Nook. Internet connection is not required. Includes many Bible translations, plus features like “Dial A Verse” (look up scripture fast), Study notes, Fast & intelligent search, adjustable font sizes, Bookmarks, and more.

11. CadreBible App By CadreBible: Free Bible App for Android. From their website: “CadreBible is a comprehensive Android™ Bible Study Application providing a broad range of study and devotional features. With this App you have OFF-LINE access to a large library of electronic Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Cross-References, Reading Plans, Devotionals, Children’s Bible Stories and other resources within ONE application.”

12. Holy Bible App By Paul Avery: Free Bible App for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. Includes many downloadable public domain Bible translations. Includes the KJV, NET & ASV. Does not include copyrighted texts like NIV, NASB, ESV, etc. It does include 23 Bible Translations, Verse Highlighting, Autoscrolled Reading, Bookmarking, Notes, Fast Searching, Daily Reading Plans, Customizable Reading Interface (Can customize font, size, line break, etc), Split translation viewing. “Study Tools” are available as a 99c in-app purchase and this purchase includes a Complete Commentary, Topical Bible, Concordance, Bible Names Dictionary, Cross References, etc.

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More Bible Apps to Consider
1. The Bible by Mobile App Farm (Free Blackberry Bible App)

2. Bible KJV (Free Android Bible App)

3. Virtue Bible FE (Free Android Bible App)

4. Acro Bible Lite (Free KJV Bible App for Android)

5. Our Daily Bread (99c Bible Devotional App)
Get Your Version: iPad, iPhone & iPod, Or Android.

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